Sopot Attractions You Simply Must See

Whenever planning a trip people tend to have in mind already what they want to do when they get to where they are going, but they often find out upon arriving that there are things to do and see that they might have missed during their planning. Not to mention, many brochures speak of different attractions without really giving any information about them, which makes it difficult to determine if a particular attraction is something you are in fact interested in. What you need is real information about attractions that you might actually want to see. Sopot Poland is full of such attractions, with something different and unique around every corner. It really doesn’t matter what type of attractions you like, whether you are a museum goer or a culture seeker, you will find something in Sopot to suit your needs. This is why so many people come to Sopot every year and why the city continues to grow as one of the most premiere vacation destinations in Poland, and in Europe in general. And with a few ideas maybe you can be a little bit more prepared for your arrival in one of the most exciting cities you can visit on the Baltic Sea.

Outdoor Sopot Attractions – Many of the best attractions to see in Sopot are outdoors, which makes sense considering the weather in Sopot is often beautiful. There are your average parks and hiking trails that you can visit but if you want to see real outdoor attractions then there are a couple that you should put on your list that are absolute must-sees.
  • The Sopot Athletic Stadium – Whether you are an athlete, or sports minded or not, the Sopot Athletic stadium is something to see. This is probably one of the very few athletic stadiums that you will find situated in the center of a thick forest of trees. And this is an athletic stadium that can be used by the public too, in fact, the property even features a hotel for out of town guests who want a chance to see this innovative stadium. Even if you are not athletic you can surely appreciate the spa that is on the premises. If you love nature or sports, or both, this is a must-see.
  • The Sopot Ski Lift – No piece on attractions in Sopot can go without mentioning the ski lift in Sopot. Many visitors comes to the city during the winter to get a lift on this famous ski lift, which takes them to a downhill ski hill of over 100 feet in length and over 300 feet high. In addition to the lift and the hill, which provide for great fun, the property is also equipped with a café that you can visit when you are done with your run.
  • The Sopot Pier – Taking a long walk off of a short pier may not sound like much fun, but how about talking a long walk on a long pier, a really long pier. The Sopot Pier is, in fact, the longest pier in all of Europe, reaching almost a third of a mile into the sea. This pier’s size isn’t the only think that makes it cool though, but also the fact that you can come here for entertainment pretty much all year.
Sopot’s Unusual attractions – The best places to visit, by far, are those that have attractions unique to their own city. Sopot Poland is one of those places that there are a few attractions that you will not see anywhere else throughout the world. You definitely cannot visit Sopot without visiting at least these unusual must-sees.
  • The Sopot Aqua Park – With as much work that was put into the Sopot Aqua Park you would think the city didn’t have any beaches. And if you want to get out of the hot sun but not away from the water this is a great place to go to have fun. This huge indoor water park has all different kinds of attractions within, such as a wild river, water massages, cascades, and even a restaurant/pub on the inside. With an indoor water park as unique as this, rain on your vacation in Sopot is something you do not have to fear.
  • The Crooked House – Truly a one of a kind attraction that you must see while you are in Sopot. The Crooked House is a newer attraction in the city, only being built in 2003. And it is not just something to look at, as visitors can go inside as well. In here you will find a number of establishments where you can sit back and have a drink or a bite to eat and enjoy the view.
  • The Medieval Castle – The Medieval Castle is another unusual sightseeing treat you will find in Sopot that definitely deserves a visit. The property consists of the castles ruins, as well as a number of other buildings, and it is almost right on the beach. The best thing about this attraction, though, is that it comes with a performance, as there are presentations and reenactments during certain seasons.
  • The Sopot Forest Opera Amphitheater – There are few attractions that can beat something as unique as the Sopot Forest Opera Amphitheater. It is literally in the middle of a forest, and year-round they hold performances that you can go see. The amphitheater was built in 1903 and since has been wowing visitor far and wide, which is why it is another must-see.
You may not have time to see everything during your stay in Sopot Poland so you have to use your time wisely if you are to see the best of what there is to see. And with these specific attractions on your list, you will truly be able to enjoy Sopot for all that it is.