A Guide to Sopot Cuisine

If there is one thing you do not have to worry about when you visit Sopot Poland it is finding something good to eat. There is an exceptionally wide variety in both the types of places that there are and the types of food that there is to eat. Although you will surely find more than Polish food throughout the city, you will want to be sure to try some of the areas, and some of Poland’s own, specialties. The food that a country eats is one of the best ways to get to know the people and feel like you are enjoying everything they have to offer in their cities. The local restaurants are where you get to see people’s true personalities. This is why no trip is complete without a visit to at least a few of the area’s places to eat.

Types of Establishments Where You Can Eat –

You have a range of choices in the types of establishments that you can choose to eat at in Sopot. You may opt for the more traditional vacation dining experience and choose a fine dining restaurant, and to be sure, there are plenty of these. Many of these types of restaurants are housed in old inns and taverns, giving them a very unique and austere feel. Art Deco is a highly popular option, but not for the faint of heart or the light of wallet, as it is a little on the expensive side, although well worth its price. A less expensive option that tends to be popular with both locals and tourists is Cyrano et Roxane. You can find many classic Polish dishes here, and most people love the atmosphere.

If you are looking for something a little more casual you have even more options in regards to where to eat. There are both lower-key, more laid back restaurants and there are also cafes and pubs that serve a more casual menu and have a more casual feel. Main Street is a popular area to find many of these establishments, but you will definitely find something regardless of where you are staying. Tesoro Express is a well-known restaurant of this type, serving pizza and wine, a great pair if there ever was one. If you like meat and downtown is where you like to be then Kebabistan is a prime spot to eat. People rave over their chicken and steak kebabs, and of course the atmosphere of the establishment too.

Types of Food You Can Find in Sopot to Eat –

As with almost anywhere you go these days you are going to find international food choices, in addition to the local flavors of food. And although you definitely want to try Polish food, this will likely not be all you eat. Fortunately, you have a number of other options such as Asian and Italian cuisine. The restaurant of this type getting the most attention right now is Avocado, which serves a mixture of Asian and European cuisine. If you are more in the mood for something with a little kick, there is a great Thai place to try called ThaiThai. The restaurant features an open style kitchen and is located inside the Bayjohn Hotel.

Of course you also have to know where to get some of the best Polish food, and there are plenty of great places to which you can go. Harnas, although it does not have an extensive menu, is a great place for its ambiance alone. Elita is one of the best Polish food serving restaurants in Sopot and easy on your wallet too. And Koliba is another great choice. The food is good and the prices even better but the main thing is the unique atmosphere here.

Sopot and Other Polish Specialties -

There is little point in knowing which restaurants are in Sopot that serve Polish food if you do not know what delicious Polish dishes to look for. Polish food consists of a significant amount of meat, with one of the more popular among tourists being the famed kielbasa, which can be found at Polish restaurants all over the city. Soups are a big thing in Poland too, and there are many Polish restaurants serving a side variety of different soups that you can choose from. Pierogies are a popular eat in Poland as well, and they are much different than the frozen kind you find in your grocery store. These are some of the more common Polish eats, but if you are feeling daring don’t be afraid to try something completely different, such as pork knuckles or meat dumplings. After all, what is a trip to Poland without trying traditional Polish cuisine?

Surely you will want to eat more than just Polish food during your stay in Sopot, but you owe it to yourself to try new things. You never know what you might try that you end up liking and continuing to eat long after your vacation in Sopot is complete.