Seeing Sopot Outdoors

Sopot Poland is known for many things but one of the things that the city is most well-known for is its outdoor sports and activities. Much of the city is covered with green space, and where there isn’t green space there is still a significant amount of water where plenty of outdoor activities are enjoyed as well. For many years Sopot has been considered somewhat of a resort town for this reason, and there is plenty of travel to Sopot still today. And why wouldn’t it be such a popular place, because how many places do you get to visit on vacation that not only have white sandy beaches, but forests and greenery too? Whether you visit during the winter, spring, summer, or fall you will find something exciting outdoors in Sopot Poland to do. The main outdoor activities do take place during the summer and winter months, though, so these are the activities that you really want to hear about. And on top of finding things to do outdoors is Sopot during your stay, you will want a list of a few things you should see outdoors in Sopot, for your lazier, sightseeing days.

Sopot Outdoors in the Summer

Summers in Sopot are characterized by warm summer breezes and the balmy scent of the nearby Baltic Sea, the perfect setting for some outdoor activities. One of the most popular in the country, for both natives and tourists alike, is windsurfing. This is a popular sport throughout Europe in general, but Sopot is especially known for it and a great place to visit if this is your thing. If not, you can still enjoy watching. The same goes for catamaraning and yachting, both outdoor summer sports that are also popular in Sopot Poland.

If water is not your thing, which is highly unlikely if you picked Sopot Poland for your vacation destination, then tennis is a popular sport in the city that you can take part in too. There are plenty of places to play all over the city, and if you go to the right places you may even get to watch some of the best players from around the world in action. There is even a tennis Olympic training ground that you can take the opportunity to see. And of course if you are not the athletic type you can always go hiking or simply spend the day at a park or a beach.

Sopot Outdoors in the Winter

You wouldn’t expect a place like Sopot that’s known for its beaches would be so well-known for its winter activities too, but winters in Sopot are just as busy as the summers, and there is still plenty to do. In fact, in Sopot Poland you can look at the beach while you are skiing. The most popular skiing spot in the city is almost 1000 feet long, and a favorite spot for all levels of skiers. This is a great destination for snowboarders as well, but if neither are for you then you might consider ice skating. One thing is for sure, Sopot is beautiful during the winter. So even if you are content with cozying up indoors in front of a warm fire you can still do it in Sopot Poland and have a good time. But it also doesn’t hurt to try something new, and if any of these activities are not good for you then you can always try snowshoeing. This is a lower activity level sport but it is great fun, and it will get you around to see the sights in Sopot too.

Top Five Things to See Outdoors in Sopot

So we have established that outdoor sports may not be for everyone, so how about a few activities that don’t involve getting sweaty. There are five things that you should see outdoors in Sopot, giving you something less strenuous to do.
  1. Visit the Two Saline Spring Water Fountains in the Downtown Area – There are two separate fountains that you can visit in the downtown area. Both are funneled naturally saline enhanced water from an underground spring. The water is said to offer specific health benefits, and the fountains are simply something peaceful and enjoyable to see.
  2. Visit the Sopot Lighthouse – Lighthouses are always interesting to see, and if you want to get outside during your stay in Sopot the city has a great one to see. The Sopot lighthouse dates back to the early 1900’s and is a great example of the kind of architecture that you will see in the rest of the city.
  3. Watch a Show at the Forest Opera Amphitheater – Although the Forest Opera amphitheater does have a roof it is still outdoors, and one of the best things you can find to do outdoors in Sopot is watch a show at this amazing amphitheater. The amphitheater was built in the early 1900’s and has 4500 seats.
  4. Take a Trip Down the Sopot Pier – The Sopot pier is one of the most visited attractions in the city. The biggest attraction is the sheer size of the pier, but you can also get a wonderful look at the sea from here.
  5. Take a Walk Through One of the Lovely Parks in Sopot – Sopot has a number of lovely parks in the city. A simple walk through the park or a picnic is a great way to spend the day outdoors.
There is plenty to do outdoors in Sopot, no matter what type of activities you enjoy. But you will only have so much time during your stay so choose wisely so that you can see the best of the best of what is offered here.