One thing that everybody does when they travel to any destination for a vacation is eat food, but what people make out of their dining experiences is something that is completely individual. Some people travel to other countries and cities specifically for the purpose of trying the local flavors, while others travel somewhere and try to spend as little time on dining as possible. Either way you want to know where the best eats in any given city are before you get there, even if you are looking for the stop and go kind of place that will allow you to get back to doing what you do on vacation, and even if you are looking for somewhere to sit back and relax and enjoy something more elegant and luxurious than you are used to. One thing is for sure, regardless of the dining style you prefer, you have to try at least one Polish restaurant, or two. There are a few restaurants in particular, some offering a more fine dining experience, while others offer more laid-back atmospheres, which serve exceptional Polish foods.
  • Familia Marco Polo – Although the name may make this restaurant seem like strictly a family restaurant, Familia Marco Polo is also a terrific place to go for a romantic night out during your stay in Sopot as well. The restaurant sits very close to the sea, so the views alone are enough to inspire romance, but the atmosphere offers a good deal in that department as well. The restaurant, which has been in business for approximately 15 years, offers both international dishes and Polish food. The Polish dishes that are served here are more traditional in nature and are prefect for visitors to Sopot that have yet to experience the delightful wholesomeness of Polish food. Some of the unique dishes to try at this restaurant include the Pork and Veal Jelly w/ Marinated Mushrooms and Horseradish Remains Rife, Smoked Eel on the Petals of Fresh Cucumber, Cheese and Potato Pierogies, and the Dumplings Filled w/ Duck and Lentils w/ Balsamiko Sauce. Some of the dishes at Familia Marco Polo may seem a bit unusual upon first reading the ingredients, but dining here will not be a disappointment I assure you.
  • White House Restaurant and Lounge – The interior of the White House Restaurant and Lounge is very austere and modern, with mostly white décor and lots of windows with great views to gaze at while you are eating. Despite the fine dining atmosphere, the restaurant is made up of mostly booths, small casual tables, and even a little bit of counter seating, which lends it a laid-back atmosphere even while being sophisticated. In addition, there is even more casual seating with a more country kind of feel on another level, so you can get the same level of service and quality food in your choice of atmospheres. The chef of the restaurant attributes his success as a chef to his time spent in Austria, but he prepares dishes from all over the world well, including some from Poland. Some of the most delightful dishes to try when dining at the White House Restaurant and Lounge include the Crostini w/ Gorgonzola, Chevre, Capers, and Dried Tomatoes, the Yellow Pepper Cream Soup w/ White Chocolate and Cocoa Beans, Slices of Beef Grilled w/ Fresh Rucola, and the Red Snapper w/ Polenta and Roasted Sunflower Seeds. The flavors at White House are definitely usual to be sure, but something unique that is well worth writing home about.
  • Bulaj – For truly traditional and totally legitimate Polish food the Bulaj restaurant in Sopot is a must. This restaurant is often cited as one of the best in the tri-city area, both due to the quality of the food and the attentiveness of the staff. Being that the menu is pretty much exclusively Polish you may need some explanation of the dishes served there, but taking the time to learn what they are will be well worth it once you are served your plate. The atmosphere is very sophisticated, as are the dishes served, but the atmosphere is still somehow laid-back as well. And the prices are not bad considering the quality of the food and the entire experience. Some of the delicious, unique dishes you can try at Bulaj include the Fish Soup w/ Cod, the Terrine of Venison, the Sirloin Tartar, the Shrimp Gambas, the Dumplings w/ Wild Boar, and the Chickpeas w/ Bacon, Onion, and Tomato Braised Rabbit. Even if you have not ever tries Polish food and you are a little cautious about trying new things any of these dishes will likely suit you, and give you a true idea as to what Polish food is like.
You may not want to eat Polish food the entire time that you stay in Sopot Poland, but you definitely want to try it sometime during your stay. Many of the dishes use fairly simple ingredients, including meats, potatoes, and dumplings, but they are hardly simple in flavor. To truly experience Polish culture it only makes sense to try some of the country’s most delicious dishes during your stay there and these restaurants will surely give you that opportunity.